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Kunsthaus ACUD, Veteranenstr. 21, Berlin

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Photo of Alexandra Ivanova

Alexandra Ivanova

Pluricultural pianist, composer and spoken word poet Alexandra Ivanova (Austria/ Bulgaria) creates live trio performances about current societal topics blending compositions with Eastern and Afrocuban influences and live spoken word / rap.

Listen Photo of Carla J. Maier

Carla J. Maier

Carla J. Maier is a scholar of sound studies, postcolonial studies and cultural anthropology, dealing with the entangled multi-sensorial, (anti-)colonial, and multi-species dimensions of contemporary environmental issues.


Workshop by Carla J. Maier is based on the poetical sound devices and sonic practices used by Asian Dub Foundation, M.I.A., Nathan “Flutebox” Lee and other protagonists of pop. She introduces methods of creative poetic sonic appropriation such as sampling and transcultural collage/subversion employed successfully in hybrid pop by these musicians, and workshops strategies for narrative and countercultural theme creation at the threshold of sound and lyrics.

Photo of Frau Fisch

Frau Fisch

Born in southern Brazil and currently based in Berlin, Frau Fisch (Brazil) is a storyteller making electro-poetry for dancing.

Listen Photo of Helo Moondi

Hélo Moondi

Composer Hélo Moondi (France/Germany) builds mixed analogue/digital live sets with a feminist view from her collection of records mixing modern experimental and English electronic music and Arabic poetry.

Listen Photo of Les Ephemeres

Les Ephemeres

Les Ephemeres (France), an experimental modular synthesizer duo of sound artist Katharina Bévand and producer, DJ Stéphane Lefrancois makes sonic textures with spoken word samples on a synchronized modular synthesizer setup.

Listen Photo of Liser


Punk queen and battle rapper Liser (Germany) who writes feminist – equally sensitive and shocking – songs which combine sounds between rap, punk, pop and electronics.

Listen Photo of Probably Nancy

Probably Nancy

Probably Nancy is a Berlin-based punk/rock band by the street musician GiorgiaJob (vocals/guitar/harmonica), Nuria Koala (bass) and Liliana Zieniawa (drums) who make songs inspired by lovely Berliner discomfort and their crazy adventures.

Listen Photo of Shama Rahman

Shama Rahman

Performer and composer Shama Rahman (United Kingdom/Bangladesh/UAE) plays the sitar across genres including Indian/western classical, jazz, live electronica, hip-hop, drum ’n’ bass, worldbeats, folk storytelling and beat poetry.

Listen Photo of Welcome Home

Welcome Home Collective

Welcome Home – a Berlin-based international, interracial and queer-solidary dance collective researching personal rituals to create scenarios of home, intertwining dance with sound art and spoken word poetry. “Welcome Home” is a self-organised youth project of WIR!Filialen der S27–Kunst und Bildung.

Watch Discussion Panel

Discussion Panel

The Festival features the recording of a radio program for Colaboradio (88.4FM) with the collaboration of the festival’s artists, and a panel with artists and faculty members of the Berlin School of Sound to discuss where, when and how pop music, poetry and sound art meet, and what possibilities exist to be explored between them.

Festival Curating Team

Curated by Berlin School of Sound’s artistic director and composer Jeremy Woodruff and Berlin-based artist and composer Alexandra Ivanova, this festival is synergizing the blooming, thrilling kind of energy you can only find in the drive of upcoming artists of the underground community who are destined to land onto the scene as the new local stars of Berlin pop and poetry they deserve to be.